Engagement (Nikkah): Hananeh & Ali

Enjoy this beautiful color-filled Nikkah at IECSD this past month. Congratulations to Hananeh and Ali, and may God bless your union and strengthen your faith through it! 

View the gallery, with moments from the marriage sermon and reception after, plus some gorgeous details! Thanks for choosing Yas Photography <3

Courtney & Michael's Wedding Details | Descanso Gardens, CA

I am in love with the colors and textures in these wedding details. Just look for yourself....see the pastel greens, the creamy whites, the deep browns, the gold calligraphy....

I was so honored to attend Courtney & Michael's Descanso Gardens wedding. You couldn't have asked for more perfect weather in this perfect, lushy green venue. Guests enjoyed themselves walking around the gardens, taking in the scenery complete with willow trees, rose bushes, flowered trellises...

This is such an elegant wedding cake! Take a look...

Earthy, but very fresh and elegant flowers..


The calligraphy on everything was amazing! & I love how they incorporated herbs into the table (rosemary twigs), plus flowery soap for gift favors!

Again, beautiful earthy and natural setting.


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Kristen & Sam | Windansea Beach, La Jolla

A few weeks before finals, we got to spend some time early morning at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA. I had never been, but I am so glad I got to see this hidden gem! It's a great place for photos, since it has lots of nice rocks, a little hut, and a wall of gorgeous flowers. 


Kristen and Sam ! Two UCSD students who met in Pre-Dental Club!

What a Winter | Quarter Recap | What's New

Phew! What a CRAZY quarter it's been. This was really the busiest, craziest, most interesting quarters of my life. Where do I even begin...

School: Learned about three systems this quarter: Renal, Musculoskeletal, and the BRAIN. Oh boy. Renal was interesting. MSK was tedious memorization of muscles and bones and vessels and nerves. Lots of anatomy labs. Then the Brain. The neurology course is called MBB for Mind, Brain and Behavior. It was SO fascinating. And SO much work. I have never studied so hard in my life. 8 hours of school / 8 hours at the library / come home, sleep, repeat.

Let's just say I ordered a lot of Subway, Chipotle, and Coffee. Lots of Coffee. Bank account = Sad. But I learned a lot. And I couldn't have done it without the help of my husband, who would bring me coffee to Geisel, pick me up late from the library, and rush me to class at 8 am when I was too tired to wake up early. 

Out of milk, so my latte had to be just an espresso this morning!

Out of milk, so my latte had to be just an espresso this morning!

Now, perhaps I wouldn't have had to cram so much studying in if the quarter hadn't been so busy. Recap:

1) Reproductive Med and Free Clinic Electives - I took two electives this quarter; probably should've taken one. But Repro Med was one afternoon a week at an OB/GYN clinic. It was pretty cool to learn about.

2) Started writing a research grant and then stopped - This took a lot of work. Luckily I didn't end up having to finish it, but I was working on it for most of the quarter.

3) Trying to do lab safety trainings and having a zillion technical difficulties with online trainings, in person trainings, forms, signatures, etc. 

4) Shadowing interventional radiology. This was super random, but I just decided to jump on the opportunity and watch two procedures. That were super painful for the patients, and for that reason very high-adrenaline-y for the doctors. 

5) Shadowed at Labor & Delivery. Didn't see any babies get born though :(

6) And...of course....photography business! This quarter I officially re-vamped Yas Photography, new professional website, new professional camera. I had four photo shoots in March.

Kristen &amp; Sam's shoot at Windansea Beach, La Jolla

Kristen & Sam's shoot at Windansea Beach, La Jolla

7) And things that got in the way. My 4 year old Macbook Pro broke and was out for about 10 days. Luckily, we fixed it with a new hard drive cable. Also got a SSD hard drive which has TRANSFORMED my laptop into a super-hero. Well, not really, but compared to before, it's a HUGE difference. My backpack broke, perhaps because of carrying so many heavy binders, notebooks, laptop, ipad, charger, to school every day. Backpack is still broken. And my pencil case broke too! It just seems to be the quarter where my stuff is breaking down!

And another one from a different shoot this month:

Catherine &amp; AJ's shoot at Balboa Park

Catherine & AJ's shoot at Balboa Park

Can't wait to catch up on editing photos and posting!

Oh, and see my new business card :)