2015 UCSD Graduation Season Wrap Up!

WOW, what a busy graduation season it was! I was literally so overwhelmed with requests I had to deny so many people :( After all it's impossible to be both a full-time photographer and a full-time med student! Now that school is out and I have almost finished up all the photoshoots, I wanted to share the lovely faces with you that I had the privilege of meeting and photographing. 

I love grad shoots because...I know my photos will be shared with the client's family and friends ALL around the world. I know this because in my conversations with many of you, you have told me where your extended families are and how they will get to see the pictures. I think my photos have been to countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and Mexico. I find that super cool :)

I'll share with you some of my favorites now below and you can find their full posts in earlier posts on the blog!


Thank you everyone who picked me to do their grad photos. It was super fun meeting such a diverse group. I hope you are having a great summer!

-Yas Photography

Desiree | Class of 2015

Desiree is a creative at heart- it was obvious by the fact that she chose NOT to have her grad photo shoot at Geisel but rather in various nice places on campus. We headed to Revelle where there was some hidden greenery...

And then to the top of the Keeling apartment's rooftop garden! It was SUCH a cloudy day - the sun would just not come out. But every photo session has its theme and this one was not gloomy at all! :)

For this photo, the sun had peeked out of the clouds JUST A BIT for a few seconds :)

What a gorgeous cap! Such a cute Winnie-the-Pooh quote :) Congrats Desiree and thanks for choosing Yas Photography!

Kim & Anthony | Class of 2015

Set up the studio and got to take some very cute pictures of these two! I worked with them before (see the couples photos we did here: http://www.yasphotos.com/blog/2015/2/8/kim-anthony-la-jolla-cove ) and Kim is also a photographer herself who did photos for me :)

Anthony is a really awesome guy who has a passion for working with homeless youth in San Diego. He is also a computer science major.

Kim is also really active and involved with volunteer work especially in public health at UCSD! We met in the SHA (Student Health Advocate program). She's been accepted to grad school and so has Anthony! 

Cute and funny couple who is dedicated to their work and to each other! Best wishes for grad school and beyond!