20-minute Healthy Breakfast Omelette | Lifestyle

I want to share with you the recipe for a simple, healthy, quick weekend (or weekday!) breakfast you can make with ingredients you have on hand!

Now...some eggs. 

Add some bell peppers..then some fragrant curry powder really does the trick

And the final product- a breakfast for a champion! A vegetable filled delicious-smelling and juicy breakfast!

Recipe: 20- minute healthy breakfast omelette

6 oz Crimini (or any type) of mushrooms, sliced in thick slices

8 oz of organic baby grape sweet tomatoes

6 oz of sliced colorful bell peppers (I used trader joe's frozen, so convenient)

3 eggs, whisked to mix

1 tsp of curry powder, 1/4 tsp of chile powder, salt and pepper to taste

Directions: heat two small frying pans (recipe for two) on medium-high heat, add oil.

Slice crimini mushrooms and cut tomatoes in half. Add mushrooms, tomatoes and bell peppers to each frying pan.

Add the curry powder and chile powder and stir as the mix cooks. Don't let mushrooms get soggy (they are thick slices so they should keep their form)

Once the mix has heated and the vegetables are cooked through (but not overcooked!) add half the egg mixture to each pan to coat veggies. Fry until egg is done. Try to flip, if not, you can scramble.

Serve with a side of toast and jam, or toast and cheese and walnuts (like we did here). Add fresh fruit, tea or coffee, and you're good to go!