2015 UCSD Graduation Season Wrap Up!

WOW, what a busy graduation season it was! I was literally so overwhelmed with requests I had to deny so many people :( After all it's impossible to be both a full-time photographer and a full-time med student! Now that school is out and I have almost finished up all the photoshoots, I wanted to share the lovely faces with you that I had the privilege of meeting and photographing. 

I love grad shoots because...I know my photos will be shared with the client's family and friends ALL around the world. I know this because in my conversations with many of you, you have told me where your extended families are and how they will get to see the pictures. I think my photos have been to countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and Mexico. I find that super cool :)

I'll share with you some of my favorites now below and you can find their full posts in earlier posts on the blog!


Thank you everyone who picked me to do their grad photos. It was super fun meeting such a diverse group. I hope you are having a great summer!

-Yas Photography

Ilam | Class of 2015

How lucky to meet Ilam, who is a senior majoring in Anthropology...and she's from Macao! I loved asking her about how she got interested in Anthro...and I thought she'd say something like she took a class or she decided in college...but actually, she always wanted to pursue archaeology and anthropology- so much so that when she was younger her parents took her to Egypt!! Lucky! And now she's headed to take a course in Peru which I imagine is a wonderful place for anthropology!

Thank you for choosing Yas Photography!

Aleksandra | Class of 2015

I got to photograph the Editor-in-Chief of UCSD's newspaper, the Guardian! Aleksandra is a bright and enthusiastic senior who is going off to do great things after UCSD! WHAT! She's going to Columbia in New York for journalism grad school!!!! 

Fantastic lighting on this photoshoot! I love the glow and the pastel lace dress!

This is where she's headed: New York!

It was an honor to be your grad photographer Aleksandra! Thank you for choosing me, and I really wish you best of luck in New York and beyond!

Jessica | Class of 2015, UCSD

Have you ever met someone and right away knew that they were a bright and shining star? That's how I felt when Jessica walked up to me at the rooftop of Geisel. I was just like, wow, beautiful smile and personality shining through!! 

Jessica is heading off to teach for a year. I think that's awesome- teaching is so hard and takes a super amount of energy! But she came to the session straight from teaching, and went off afterwards to study.

Good luck and congratulations! I am so happy you chose Yas Photography :)

Manu, Class of 2015 | UCSD and La Jolla Shores

Manu is the sweetest grad I have had the chance to photograph! She's energetic, fun, spunky and really gorgeous. 

Let me put it this way: I guarantee to deliver at least 15 photos for the photo package (you know, in case weather is difficult, lighting isn't as ideal, poses don't work out, or some other random unexpected scenario that makes me get fewer photos).

But with Manu I think we got at least over 200 that I delivered to her to choose from!!! I picked some of my favorites :)

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Good luck and Congratulations to Manu! I know you'll be a fantastic lawyer soon!