Balcony Table Project | Home Decor

Well we set out to create our own balcony/patio bistro table! I really wanted to be able to sit out there and have an outdoor workspace/eating space. Since we have great weather there really is no excuse not to!

So I bought the materials from Home Depot - the table legs, table top (I chose to get a premade round one because it's just easier, even though I had originally planned a square table) and some prestain, wood stain, sand paper, and brushes! 


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A while back I posted about this Gallery Wall . Well now it's been upgraded- the frames are filled in, new pillows added! I want to share with fellow decorating enthusiasts!

Here are some of the frame fillings! The Pray Often is from the internet, which I printed and colored in! You could also buy prints from an art store! This is 5x7. The stripes are navy FABRIC which was leftover from my pillow making project (see more below!)

Another print from online, and my life-raft that I bought online.

Now introducing my new pillow (the striped one!)! Pillows from the store can be really expensive. But I got this fabric from a fabric shop in San Jose that was quite cheap- this one was only $2/yard. I think it was the cheapest fabric in the whole entire store!!! But it just so happens that it was my favorite and what I was looking for! I just sewed them onto an existing pillow that was orange. The tags are from an antique show in Belgium where  got these old bike license plates!


A small ottoman type box that I found at Michaels. Rug from Old Town, San Diego.

Bucket from Michael's as well!

I hope you like it and get some ideas!