Persian New Year | Spring | New Camera!

It's here! WOOOO!!! Well, one thing is here, and two things are almost here. The first thing that's here is my new CAMERA!!! I'm sooo excited to start taking photos of you people with it. It's such an upgrade. More later. But I had to start taking some photos when it came fresh out of the box. I was so excited I forgot to switch it to Raw mode, so naturally when I tried to brighten these up a bit in Photoshop to my liking I wasn't able to. But anyways.

The second thing that's almost here is ....Persian New Year (aka on the first day of Spring!) and the stinky thing is I always seem to have a final on that day. Always. So I can never fully enjoy it with my family. But it's okay, I am very thankful to be here and be alive to see another Spring! 

Now the tradition is to set up a Sofreh Haft-Sin...Which is a layout of seven items that begin with the letter S in Farsi. So in English they are...greens, coins, sumac (spice), garlic, apple, vinegar, and a fruit called senjed. Yep that's 7! Also, people decorate by buying goldfish, growing lentil sprouts, and placing a mirror and Holy book on their table. 


Now...I almost totally forgot to do this this year since I've been so busy with school. But I put one together real quick with what I have. And of course shot away with my new camera, which has amazing ISO and I need no flash or any extra light! I'm keeping the house dark since the heat wave is upon us!


This is Sumac, a very healthy spice. Good for you. And good for your kabobs too. I know, you're like...why is that garlic looking so sad on that plate. I wish I had a whole clove but I don't :( I have peeled garlic in my freezer though! 


People also typically put candles, one for each member of the family, near or far. 

One more thing- I now realized how important it is to shoot in Raw. I hadn't shot in JPEG for a long time now- I used to not realize the difference, but now not being able to get out all the tones, highlights, shadows, I wanted to, I see!

So. Almost Spring, Almost Persian New Year, Almost the end of the quarter. Peace!