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You may remember I posted this picture on Facebook a while ago- with all these empty frames! Well, I had just finished putting up a DIY gallery wall!

But now it's made much progress. I'll fill you in with the details...


Now- the only things that are store-bought on here are the life raft and the chalkboard/shutter hanging display. And the black frames, of course. But the rest is all DIY! 

1) The small frames with motivational words inside- I love these because you can put what's meaningful to you and even swap them out every so often! 

2) The blue bird: This was actually a t-shirt with some beautiful calligraphy on it in the shape of a bird. But the t-shirt didn't look like it was built to last wearing and washing - so I cut out the design, stapled it to a cardboard from a cereal box and stuck it in a frame! 

3) The blue anchor frame- I made the frame from leftover wood and a piece of cardboard for the back. Now, you can buy the print HERE or design your own. I painted a piece of paper blue and made an anchor to glue on. (I also used that anchor as a stencil for a DIY wooden crate)

4) The small frames- I put personal photos in them, since they're 4x6 and easy to print! But you can put prints, drawings, etc. 

5) In the smallest frames - I put a Godiva wrapping paper in one, because it's a memory of a gift my husband got me! I think the smallest ones are best for small mementos like that. I still have one empty, perhaps waiting for another moment to remember?!

Of course, some nautical themed pillows:

Nautical pillow: Ebay. Small rope pillow: Michael's

Nautical pillow: Ebay. Small rope pillow: Michael's

So, in total, you can make your own DIY gallery wall for probably less than $20-30 depending on what you decide to put! Of course, you could opt for more pricy prints such as these by Scarlet & Gold Shop. They are super pretty.