Olga & Phil Engagement | La Jolla Shores

Finding time during 3rd year rotations to do a photo shoot is pretty challenging, but when it's for a med school classmate who recently got engaged, it's even more special! We fortunately had the weekend off from the hospital and were treated to some gorgeous La Jolla weather. Olga & Phil are both from the Bay Area where I'm from. Also, Olga is a great photographer herself! I had a really great time shooting their engagement session. Not to forget, A seagull totally attacked their bag of stuff thinking there was food in it. He tore a huge piece of paper bag right off!! 

Courtney & Michael's Wedding Details | Descanso Gardens, CA

I am in love with the colors and textures in these wedding details. Just look for yourself....see the pastel greens, the creamy whites, the deep browns, the gold calligraphy....

I was so honored to attend Courtney & Michael's Descanso Gardens wedding. You couldn't have asked for more perfect weather in this perfect, lushy green venue. Guests enjoyed themselves walking around the gardens, taking in the scenery complete with willow trees, rose bushes, flowered trellises...

This is such an elegant wedding cake! Take a look...

Earthy, but very fresh and elegant flowers..


The calligraphy on everything was amazing! & I love how they incorporated herbs into the table (rosemary twigs), plus flowery soap for gift favors!

Again, beautiful earthy and natural setting.


Please like and share if you enjoyed these photos! Congrats to the happy couple! xoxo

Lens Review: Canon 50 mm f 1.8

OKAY so this lens is one of the CHEAPEST out there for Canon! It's a Prime lens, meaning that it is fixed at the focal length of 50 mm (no zoom in or out) and its aperture is very WIDE at maximum of 1.8!!

I HIGHLY recommend this lens for people who want to do more with their Canon, whether they just have a Rebel or even a full-frame more professional camera. 

I have to admit I was frustrated with this lens on my previous Rebel T3i. My photos were never TACK sharp, even with a larger depth of field like f/3.2. In lower light, it just didn't work out that great -  and I blamed it on the lens. So I was always afraid of using this lens at its widest (f 2.0 or f 1.8) because I thought it would NEVER be in focus

However, I took a leap with my NEW camera- the Canon 5D Mark III - and shot at f1.8!!!! On a portrait! Woooo. When I came home and popped the SD card in to check out the results- I was shocked! The photo was focused and sharp and everything I hoped! 

50 mm f/1.8 1/400

50 mm f/2.0 , 1/400

So- it's a great lens on a great camera with a good sensor like the Mark III. Yay!

Catherine & AJ | Balboa Park, San Diego

Catherine & AJ met on the swim team at UCSD. I really enjoyed walking with them through gorgeous Balboa Park. There are so many beautiful places here for photos. You could probably stay in one spot for an hour shooting different variations! But we went through a few nice spots and I love the results.