Bottega Italiana | Gelateria & Cafe, La Jolla

Thowback to one of my first projects! This gelato shop was a favorite for me and my previous roommate, as well as my husband! The sea salt caramel is to die for! Honestly, everywhere else I try sea salt caramel anything, it just doesn't come close! 

Here is the owner, David, pouring a fresh latte with Illy espresso- it's so rich and tasty. I wish there were more places that served coffee that tastes this good!

I love latte art! I know it's probably all in my head.... but I believe the art makes your latte taste way better!

Affogatto: Espresso over gelato. This is so yummy, the only problem is it doesn't last too long!

Can you tell I love coffee? The coffee flavored gelato is right up front and center ;)

The cool thing is, this place is not just special for the gelato, as most people may think. But it's also a huge upgrade over your typical coffee shop - their espresso is high quality. 

I learned how gelato is made, and I learned that they use all fresh ingredients- fresh fruit and all! 

Artists indeed!