Christine & Eddie | La Jolla Shores

Christine was one of the winners of my Photo Giveaway and I got the chance to photograph her and Eddie, two freshmen at UCSD! Christine is a Human Bio major and Eddie is in Applied Math. I don't know if that counts as opposites attract? :)

We headed down to La Jolla Shores, a favorite spot for UCSD students, and I thought it wouldn't be too crowded because of the crazy amount of fog. Well- guess what- it was! There were still the typical "sunset photographers" and portrait photographers there. I don't know what the sunset photographers were taking pictures of, since we couldn't see the usually gorgeous sunset. Maybe something foggy and romantic? Or spooky?

So, we stayed up on land for quite a bit, taking advantage of the natural scenery.

I hope you can see how foggy it was in the image above! That's Scripps Pier in the back. But it helped create a misty, romantic feel :)

And we did eventually head down to the beach itself...

IMG_8071 copy.jpg

Congrats to both of them for getting into UCSD!